Month: March 2015

Is Your Playlist Due For Some Detoxification?

I was on the bus to work one morning, when a man boarded a couple of stops later. It did not take long to realise that he was mentally unsound from the way he was mumbling and shouting vulgarities to himself incessantly, for a whole dreaded – what seemed like eternity – 45 minutes journey. By the time I alighted, my head was heavy and antagonised from the verbal abuse (though not directed at me). Stepping into the office, I struggled with the keys, rattled the doorknob, and slammed the door open, causing a colleague to jump where she was sitting. Even the seconds and minutes following it, I did not think of my behaviour to be significantly deviant enough to apologise or to reflect on. Advertisements

Is The Substance Of Your Mind On Par With Your Beauty?

First impressions are formed within seven seconds! Yes, seven grand seconds. And how you look and act contributes a whopping 55% to this first impression. Undeniably, appearance matters. In fact, good grooming projects a healthy self-esteem and the pride one takes in presenting him/herself to the world. However, what if the importance placed on appearance becomes grossly imbalanced with the grooming of the mind?

Vulgarity – As Ugly as Its Name

While ‘vulgarity’ is the synonym of ‘inelegance’, if ‘inelegance’ is likened to a crippled swan, ‘vulgarity’ then conjures up a squawking, pecking one on steriods, with broken, barb-baring feathers, poking out from haphazardous flapping wings. No, I’ve not seen one before, yet this non-existing swan pretty much ‘birdify’, what a person who uses vulgarities is – lack of self-restrain and just plain ugly.