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Four Reasons to DIY Gifts For Your Partner

A gift can speak volumes about how much you know your partner – or otherwise.  Most of us have been both recipient and giver of a gift that conveys nothing apart from the object that it is.

Sure, off-the-shelf items are practical for gifting friends and acquaintances, but wouldn’t you agree that our partner deserves a greater investment that goes beyond the dollars and cents? Here’s four reasons to go that extra mile:

1. Truly one-of-a-kind

This is the crux of a self-made gift. Even if you are following a step-by-step recipe, you have the freedom and flexibility to tweak the ingredients according to your partner’s liking. If you are going to bake muffins and you know that he/she loves chocolate, pour generous amount of chocolate chips into the mix. Doodle cryptic message onto the muffins that leads to another surprise! Be creative! Make something that is catered to your partner’s unique preference and pleasure.

2. A gift of sincerity

When gifting, it is important that it is given from the heart –  not under obligation or compulsion. Time and effort in putting together a gift is something that money can’t buy, a positive way of earning your partner’s appreciation unless the dollar signs are his/her priority. There’s gold in the saying ‘it is the thoughts that count’ – unless misused for the purpose of saving some pennies that wouldn’t take much intuition to sniff out. Give with a cheerful heart, so that the happiness a gift elicits goes beyond the actual gift itself.

3. Showcase your talents

If you have a stirring interest to paint, bake, write etc. anything that falls outside of your primary day-to-day activities, take this opportunity to dabble. Regardless of the outcome, the personal touch will very likely be an endearing surprise for your loved one. It might even spark off a whole new area of interest that you and your partner can spend time together exploring.

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4. Create memories

Every process of making your own gift is a mini-adventure on its own. From idea incubation, to development, to customisation, to completion. It doesn’t have to end with the revealing of the gift. Share the behind-the-scene moments where you couldn’t resist snacking on the chips while baking, or where you had to travel all the way across the country to get that special fabric. Laugh together at the silly hiccups you encountered along the way. These memories shared with your partner becomes a part of the beautiful gift as well.

So do your due diligence, communicate the inspiration behind the gift, and enjoy the gift of gifting!


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