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She Is A Beauty

She Is A Beauty is an open-ended piece of literature that will continuously journal an anonymous woman of beauty.

A beauty she is.

Her strength! She stands tall! Embolden by grace and conviction, confronting face-to-face the battles of this world. She upholds truth, against the currents of intimidation, fear and self-gratification.

Her mind is a strong fortress, a renewed territory of increasing worth. Awaken and alert, infused with a desire to learn, influence and discover. Wisdom is her pride. Look! Those treasure chests that lies open, the blessings that flow from them are boundless!

Her eyes, they are opened. They sparkle with reflections of  beauties not of her own, but of the transcending nature of creation, of unearthed treasures lying in the souls of men.

She speaks. Her words holding the power to heal. Flowing from a selfless heart, measured and precise, going forth to build, to nurture, to comfort.

This beauty, she celebrates life in the true understanding of freedom. Her laughter is laced with light that pierces darkness. Her songs are of thanksgiving. She moves with an elegance that captures the eyes of those around her. Her steps are light and unshackled.

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