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Vulgarity – As Ugly as Its Name

While ‘vulgarity’ is the synonym of ‘inelegance’, if ‘inelegance’ is likened to a crippled swan, ‘vulgarity’ then conjures up a squawking, pecking one on steriods, with broken, barb-baring feathers, poking out from haphazardous flapping wings. No, I’ve not seen one before, yet this non-existing swan pretty much ‘birdify’, what a person who uses vulgarities is – lack of self-restrain and just plain ugly.

We are living in a society where vulgartities are spewn as much as ‘coffee’ and ‘tea’. Packaged as being the ‘oh look at me! I’m so cool!’ norm, it continues on a free-pass ride in mainstream media, infiltrating entertainment establishments, schools and homes, primarily multiplying itself by airborne (or airwaves) transmission. At the peak of its infection, it rears its ugliness as punctuations of the host’s speech, resulting in the contamination of a non-immunized host or temporary lost of hearing due to severe aggravation.

No, girls, powdering your speech with the ‘f’ equivalent of ‘duck’ is not going to have that boy longing after you. And no, boys, firing an assortment of ‘f’ weapons does not speed your growth towards manhood. It only shows a lack of vocabulary in civilised speech, a lack of self-awareness, and a lack of many other things that is contrary to whatever you think you are achieving, unless you are just set for self-decay.

Studies have proven that the constant exposure and use of vulgarities leads to a downward spiral towards aggressive behaviour and relations, consistent with the legitimacy that the tongue has the power to destroy. This often goes unrecognised by the offender in the gradual process of desensitization. We are living in the age where free flow of information across global borders is growing at an exponential rate, which perpetuates an unprecedented multiplication effect of the endorsement of profanities and violence. Do we guard our minds from this encroachment or do we flirt with these pollutions which eventually clouds our level of discernment?

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One of the greatest novelists of all time, Leo Tolstory, asserted “wrong does not cease to be wrong because the majority share in it”. The good man/woman in us knows this truth. Yet knowledge without action is futile. What can we do if we are living or working in an environment that is plagued with vulgarities? What if our tongues are already infected?

  • It all begins with the mind. First, be convicted that vulgarities are wrong, unhealthy and destructive to your personal well-being and to the people around you.
  • Make a conscientious effort to hold back your tongue when a word of vulgarity is at its tip. It might not be easy at the start, but just as any bad habit is to be broken, persistence reaps reward. Find motivation in creating a positive environment for your friends and loved-ones.
  • Learn healthy and constructive language of expressing your thoughts. Keep practising.
  • Consciously choose to limit any exposure to vulgarities that is within your control such as entertainment channels.
  • Be bold in your conviction and do not be intimidated. The decent majority are inclined to respect a person’s expressed stand against unhealthy practises. You can be a positive influencer in your environment.
  • Seek support from family and true friends to help you in curbing vulgarities. Knowing that you will be held accountable for your words acts as a natural suppressant that can be really useful at the beginning of this journey.

Share with us your thoughts on the acceptance of vulgarities in mainstream entertainment and any personal experiences in dealing with this unhealthy habit!


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