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8 Characteristics Of A Wise and Loving Husband

Being a husband is not a honorary title to achieve in life, but a lifelong expedition to learn, discover and uphold. It is a role which not only puts us in a position to receive plenty but one that also requires much of us. Here, we ask, how can we be a wise and loving husband that will bring out the best in our wife? What characteristics can we adopt to establish ourselves as the throne of our wife, allowing her to take her place as the crown of her man?

1. He is faithful

A man of one woman, he upholds his marriage vow: in plenty and in want, in joy and in sorrow, in sickness and in health, till death do us part.  He cherishes his wife as the most important person in his life and protects her like a priceless gem. He recognises, in humility, to the weakness of the flesh, and does not flirt with temptations but flees from them.

2. He manages his family well

The responsibility of a husband goes beyond providing for the financial needs of his family. He knows that money cannot be a substitute for love and understands that money alone will encourage materialism and defiance bred out of resentment. A loving husband spends quality time with his family, takes care of the family’s physical, emotional and intellectual well-being. He is a role model for his children, and partners his wife in projecting a single front while teaching their children to be respectful and obedient. As much as he loves his children, his wife is his topmost priority as he continues to nurture their love, treasuring her as his life partner and mother of his children.

3. He is respectable

Sincerity and authenticity are his code of conduct. He is well-regarded by his family members and friends for his modest behaviours and works. He stays away from compromising activities and avoids vices and indulgence. He treats each person with politeness and respect regardless of their age and status.

4. He is prudent

Slow to anger, quick to listen, and cautious in his words, he is not ruled by his emotions but is in control. He is not prone to impulsive behaviour but makes decisions with a sound and cultivated mind and assumes full responsibility for the decisions he make.

5. He is teachable

His ways are humble, and his cup always half-filled. He is keen to learn, continuously seeking wisdom beyond his own. Though he stands for what he believes, he keeps himself open to receiving suggestions and feedback. He sees his wife as an equal partner and values her opinions and inputs.

6. He is not violent or quarrelsome

He is a responsible bearer of his strength, never resorting to emotional or physical abuse. Instead, with courage and determination, he uses his might to protect his loved ones. Together with his wife, he creates a harmonious and peaceful environment for the family and leads his family with love and gentle strength.

7. He is hospitable 

He is friendly and generous, not only to his family and friends, but to strangers as well. He greets his neighbours and makes effort to know them on a personal level. He is a good host and avails his house to be a blessing to others.

8. He is not a lover of money

Money is the root of all evil – not really! Money is in fact neutral, but it is the love of money that causes all kinds of evil. A wise man does not chase after riches, but is contented with what he has. He will not allow himself to become a slave to money; instead he is a wise steward of his finances  and does not engage in any form of gambling.

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There is no shortcut to becoming the “perfect” husband. Being a husband is a lifelong commitment and an enriching journey to be trekked and explored. Along this journey, make time to reflect and exchange views with your wife. She is, afterall, what makes you a husband, your trekking companion for this lifelong journey. Be each other’s best friend, be each other’s best partner. Most importantly, through the ups and downs, persist in expressing your unconditional love for your wife – indeed she is sitting on a throne worthy of a queen!

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