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Being A Considerate Couple Among Singles: 4 Behaviours To Avoid

4 Behaviours to Avoid

So you have found the love of your life and every other person fades into the background when you are next to each other- maybe, at least in the stage of euphoria.

Thankfully, the world continues revolving outside of our couple-dom and this world is as relevant to us as it has been since we first learnt our ABCs. With an updated status ‘(your name) is now in a relationship / engaged / married’, how do we remain relatable especially to the singles in our social circles? Here are four behaviours to avoid:

Refrain from being physically sticky

This not only applies to excessive physical affection that might make your friends uncomfortable and further rubbing in a sense of loneliness among the singles around you. Consider also whether you and your partner are allowing others to feel welcome into your physical space for interaction. Sometimes, as a couple we might be so engaged with one another that we unwittingly project an off-limits zone to friends around us. Instead, invite friends to be included in your interactions.

Going on and on about how wonderful your partner is

Speaking well of your partner is a habit worth pursuing, that contributes to a healthy and appreciative relationship (see The Wife of Noble Character). Not only does it credit your partner with a honourable buildup, it also reflects positively on the spirit you have as a person and as a partner. Nevertheless, there are instances where such behaviour may tip over to the point of being flashy instead of being supportive. An undertone that seems to suggest to your single friends ‘see what you are missing out’, ‘envy me, I am so fortunate’ – this is a zone we do not want to tip into.

Closing up into a world of two

A relationship cannot thrive in isolation, where both parties become overly dependent on each other for their social needs, unless circumstances dictate. Relationships beyond the couple are necessary to prevent a couple from sliding into the state of navel-gazing and for a well-balanced, good quality couple life. It is also worth noting here that intimacy between a couple can also be forged through social intimacy, where the couple shares social experiences that involves other people – that include singles – together.

Bringing your partner to all social gatherings

On the other end of the spectrum, neither do we have to bring our partner to every single one of our social gatherings. I have been baffled when a supposedly one-to-one meeting with a girlfriend ended up with a plus one which implicitly limits our girl talk. Then there are also friends who have expressed similar sentiments when an all-girls outing consisting of mostly singles, ended up with someone bringing her partner along – not once, not twice, but several times. There is a time and space for everything, including when it is appropriate to have your partner come along.

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Notwithstanding, one has to recognise the international diversity of social cultures where there are different standards of norm. Perhaps applying the general guideline of doing unto others what you want them do to you finds its place here. Especially since we have all experienced singlehood in some parts of our lives, it would not require too much of a stretch to exercise empathy here. Surely,  we can continue enjoying the companionship of our partner while being sensitive to the feelings of singles around us. By doing so, hopefully, they will enjoy our companionship too!

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