Month: May 2015

Take Control Of The Time We Spend On Our Mobile Devices

4 Practical Steps to Take Control Of The Time We Spend On Our Mobile Devices (Part 2)

Beyond a shadow of doubt, mobile devices are here to stay and further develop in its engagement of man. Ironically, what was designed to increase convenience made our lives much more complex than it already was. In order to be in control of this revolution – instead of being controlled by it – here are some easily implementable actions you can consider adopting:

Mobile Devices Addiction

6 Reasons To Motivate A Time-Out From Our Mobile Devices (Part 1)

The anxiety faced in the absence of one’s mobile phone is known as ‘nomophobia’. Unlike alektorophobia, ephebiphobia, soceraphobia, chromophobia… and the woe-to-mankind list goes on,  nomophobia has discreetly embedded and burrowed deep its tentacles into our psychology without so much of a conscious concession from us. Because our reliance on these devices to facilitate our everyday living is, for the general population, almost second to none, inevitably our psychology has evolved to acclimatised to these digital aids.

Applicable to All Ages

Aging With Grace – Applicable To All Ages

What follows does not apply only to the mummies and grannies since aging escapes no one regardless at which decade of our life we are in. How quickly those years add up on us. While we scramble with minimising the effects of the passage of time, slathering thousands of dollars on our body to protect, conceal and preserve, all these time the pages of magazines, billboards, advertisements etc, portrays a demographic of women that never age – even photoshopped to perfection.