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How To Inspire Appreciation In The Way You Dress: 6 Tips

6 Tips On How To Inspire Appreciation In The Way You Dress

1) Wear the clothes, or it will wear you

When you wear well-fitted clothes and carry it well with confidence, you are your own style. Conversely, when you do not appear comfortable because of the factors addressed below and get overwhelmed by your clothes, then your clothes could be wearing you.

2) Know what cutting complements your body shape

Do not be inhibited to try out different cuttings and constructions (but be nice and help to return the clothes neatly if you are going to try on a bunch)! Stay away from capped sleeves if you have narrow shoulders. Put on the harem pants if you are inverted triangle-shaped and the handkerchief skirt if you are blessed with long slender legs. Familiarising yourself with the cuts suitable for your body shape will help to sharpen your personal style instinct (which will come in handy when shopping online). Sometimes it helps to get a second opinion if style and aesthetics are not your strengths.

2) Know your colours, know your skin 

Enhance your skin colour by wearing complementary colours that brighten your complexion and give a healthier look – a warm-toned skin will look good in warm tones that have more orange, red or yellow in them whereas a cool-toned skin will look good in cool tones that have more blue and green. All colours come with varying degrees of yellow (or orange or red) or blue (or green) in them, so the skill is to identify say a green colour that has more yellow than green in it if you are warm-toned.

4) Do not follow trends blindly

Men, you do not have to wear tight (life-threatening), way above kneecap berms just because it is churning off the thread mill. Women, you do not have to allow those factories to stuff you into cheeks-peeping, ‘underwear’ shorts that seem to signal the impending drought of fabrics – on this note, it will do us good to check our back side in the mirror before stepping out of the house.

5) Quality does not have to be overpriced

Much of the good quality pieces we see in stores today come with a retail price which is inflated by shop rental and brand equity. Make effort to find less mainstream shops that offer good quality items at reasonable prices. Personally, my wardrobe is stocked up with the discipline of avoiding random, overpriced splurges. This allows me to selectively curate pieces of quality at fair price points, sourced from all over the world!

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6) It is not about revealing more

Wearing less does not immediately qualify you for the best-dressed list. A confidence that is built on showing more skin is a false sense of confidence that can be easily observed – certainly not with a sense of appreciation.

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