Month: June 2015

Distraction for Inspiration

Are you one of those that needs music, or simply some noise, while working or studying? Well I sure am one of them who writes better with some music or noise at the background. Something not too loud or overpowering, but loud enough to distract me just a little bit. Not that I am not able to write in silence or I dislike quietness, but I tend to get more inspired and somehow ideas flow readily with that morsel of distraction. And if you enjoy writing or reading in a cafe like myself, yet sometimes too lazy to make the trip, you can head over to for your fix of coffee shop chatters and noise, short of that coffee roast smell – I am sure that can be easily solved with a cup of instant coffee beside you. Yea, they are worlds apart, but it is the next best thing you can get without leaving the cosiness of your room. Chanced upon Coffitivity some time ago, the team behind it sure put in a great deal of effort into …

DIvorce is not an option

6 Reasons Why Couples Divorce

Marriage was designed to be permanent. No one walks down the aisle with the goal of till seven years do us part. Unfortunately our mindset these days is not aligned with permanence but favours instant gratification and the pursuit of (fleeting) happiness, from one source to the next.  As a result,  many homes are built on sandy soil – vulnerable to changing (but forseeable) weathers and easily collapsible.  We see this instability reflected in the increasing divorce rates all around the world and it just prompts one to make an attempt in figuring out what is going on.

Hello There!

You have wandered into the space which we have set up to share the personal thoughts of Mr. E and Ms. E. Two months into this project, we are humbled to have reached out to hundreds of people from all over the world, and we hope that our articles have made a positive difference in these lives and many more to come. We want to use this avenue to share more of our life journey, our inspiration behind our articles, how we apply them in our lives and even the challenges we face. You are invited to join us here and perhaps even drop us a message once in awhile! We love hearing from and connecting with our readers!

Men Break Down These Walls

3 Self-Built Walls that Are Blocking Intimacy In Your Relationship

These three walls are stopping you from cultivating a Quality Relationship. Break them down now! The love relationship is alike a road trip – a long journey with many turns and pit stops. In this journey you and your partner are bound to encounter a few (or many) bumps. The occasional quarrels are unavoidable. Seldom do we hear of couples whose journey is constantly smooth-riding without a tad of a knock. Yet it is often these ups and downs – falling and picking each other up –  that strengthen the relationship and propels it to greater intimacy. However, when there are walls set up along this journey, their progress will be hindered. The wrecks and crashes that are bound to be suffered will inflict damages that can be as severe as to destroy the relationship.