Days of Our Life
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The Last Minutes Of Each Day

The first half of 2015 has gone by. Time flies.

I’ve gotten into this habit of putting my gadgets away at the end of the day, mostly inspired by writing these couple of articles: 6 Reasons To Motivate A Time-Out From Our Mobile Devices (Part 1) and 4 Practical Steps to Take Control Of The Time We Spend On Our Mobile Devices (Part 2). Can’t just talk the talk and not walk the walk can I?

Dwelling in the silence of the night, taking in the totality of the day in a regrouping process sort of way, gives me a clear orientation of each day gone by and how it fits into the bigger picture of a week, a month and eventually a year. Legs up against the wall, I reflect on how my days are progressing, am I where I want to be or taking the necessary steps towards. Just doing this little exercise each day, time still flies, but now slower, at a more conscious and fulfilling level.

It has been a busy and exciting period for both of us and have been away from writing a little while but still connecting with our lovely readers. We’ll be back on track with more!


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