Who We Are

Essay of Two celebrates the virtues of a forsaken past by bridging them into the present future. We are the ‘He’ and ‘She’ voices of this millennium, standing for quality and elegance in every aspect of our lives. We do not purpose to tell you what you should do, or what you should not. Rather we hope to inspire our readers to be the best version of ourselves within the multi-roles of life, in doing so, gaining a deeper appreciation of oneself and the relationships we have been blessed with.

In here, we hope to create a community of motivated individuals, sharing positivity and life experiences to spur each other on towards being a person of quality – both inside and out. All of us, representing limitless combinations of backgrounds and life experiences can lend a page to a timeless standard of quality and elegance, an essay that we pen with joy, a legacy that we are proud to leave behind.